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German fuel module Krampitz

This is a patented gas station, which has no analogues on the market, which will help to strictly control fuel consumption and reduce the cost of refueling transport. At the same time, the installation will not require additional approvals and construction works.
Just connect the module to the power supply and start working!
This gas station can be repeatedly transported from one location to another, since it has a large margin of safety, it is not tied to the ground, and it is included in the transport dimensions.

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Our products

They are used to provide fuel for vehicles, construction and mining machines, diesel locomotives, water transport and small aircraft
Also we can make any complete set of gas station under your tasks

Container — reservoir

Container-gas station system

Reservoir park

The main advantages of Krampitz container gas stations

Eco-friendly operation

No emergency spills of fuel and lubricants

Fuel consumption control



Maximum reliability

All complexes are certified

Delivery and installation

Within the whole territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS

Wholesale purchase of fuel

At low prices due to the volume

Service maintenance

Performed by our own mobile teams

Installed without approvals

With minimal construction costs

Anti-vandal protection

No unauthorized entry and damage to the equipment

years in the international market

hours to launch the system

thousand objects installed worldwide


reduction of costs in average

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About our products

About our company

All of the products are certified

and have the appropriate permissions

Our own manufacturing

We are a supplier for the largest companies operating in the energy sector worldwide

  • Energy producers and suppliers (SORES),
  • Fuel sellers (DS card+drive),
  • Transport companies with their own vehicle fleet (Mosolf),
  • Distribution centers of the major car manufacturers (VW),
  • Companies of the mining industry (K+S Gruppe),
  • Сompanies engaged in oil and gas field development and production,
  • Chemical company with offices in the processing of petroleum products (Shell),
  • Manufacturers of power plants, diesel generators, turbines (Alstom)

Our corporate clients

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Frequently asked questions

Differences between the Krampitz fuel module and container gas stations

1) Krampitz Fuel modules have proven to be effective in the harshest climatic conditions.
2) Total internal control of production, and also from the German Institute of construction technologies Dibt, the organization of technical supervision TUV Nord.
3) Premium steel is Used. The torsion is 0%.
4)Special coating technology-will Reduce the costs associated with the reservoir.
5) Cubic shape of the reservoir – space saving. The optimal ratio of the container area to its capacity at 1m3.
6) Concept of the design-with optimal arrangement of elements. The equipment is ideally placed in niches and closed from the outside access.
7) Universal transport platform. Easy to transport, thanks to the frame, which corresponds to the size of the international standard ISO: 10, 20, 40 feet.
8) Security Concept – protected vacuum with indicator of any leakage. Maximum safety of the fuel. Does not require a collecting tray.
9) Modeling flexibility – our modules can be connected to each other.
10) Personal engineering office – with experience in solving problems around the world.
11) Possibility of manufacturing a fuel module with a building. Various application possibilities, such as: office, shop, laboratory, workshop, warehouse.

What payment options are available for the equipment?

We use all of the main forms of payment, including leasing and deferred payment for a period of 30 to 60 days.

Differences between the Krampitz fuel module and traditional gas stations

1) Preparation of the site: minimum investment of funds and time.
2) Installation and start-up during the daylight hours
3) Full completion at the production- the highest quality guaranteed
4) Scheduled and major repairs take one day
5) Adjustment of the filling stations volume depending on the fuel consumption (increase or decrease)
6) Resale of the fuel module or use in other places

What guarantees do you provide for modular gas stations?

We provide with a Standard warranty on components and assemblies for one year. Extended warranty for reservoirs is up to 10 years

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